Union Members Live Better!

As union members, we bargain collectively with our employers over wages, benefits and rights.

We have the best chance of receiving better wages, benefits and fair treatment in the workplace by bargaining collectively as a union. Most of us have very limited bargaining power as one person, but as a group, we are strong. And, with a good, negotiated contract, we have legal protections we would not have otherwise.

Wages – Union vs. Non-Union

It Pays to Be Union!

Union membership brings many benefits to working people. One of the major benefits includes weekly earnings. The data below show that union workers, on average, made $201 or 27% more per week than nonunion workers in 2012.

All Workers (16 & Over)

  • Union: $943
  • Nonunion: $742
  • Union Weekly Advantage: $201
  • % Difference: 27%

Union Workers Have Better Benefits!

79% of union workers have pension plans versus 44% of nonunion workers. 70% of union workers have defined-benefit retirement coverage, compared with 16% of nonunion workers. Defined-benefit plans are federally insured and provide a guaranteed monthly pension amount.

Union Workers Have Greater Job Stability!

Although 50% of union workers have been with their current employers for at least 10 years, only 32% of nonunion workers can make the same claim. Union workers have greater job stability, in part because they are more satisfied with their jobs, receive better pay, have better benefits and have access to fair grievance procedures. More importantly, most collective bargaining agreements protect union members from unjust discharge.

Union Workers Receive More Training and Are Safer!

On average, IBEW members receive more than twice the percentage of training than their nonunion counterparts and are nearly 40% more likely to remain safe on the job. If you are currently working nonunion and a contractor or employee and you are interested in becoming an IBEW member, please come visit us at our Gulfport or Hattiesburg office.