Applying for Apprenticeship

Dennis Weiland, Apprenticeship Director

Local Union 903 I.B.E.W.
P.O. Drawer L, Gulfport, MS 39502
Phone: (228) 863-6939
Fax: (228) 863-9900


Steps for Applying for Apprenticeship

1. Complete Application

2. Submit copies of the following required documentation:

a. Copy of valid Mississippi Driver’s License

b. Copy of Social Security Card

c. A copy of your birth certificate. Birth certificates may be obtained from the State Department of Health in the state you were born.

d. An official unaltered transcript of your school record. Include transcripts from all schools that you attended from high school through college. It is important to note that successful completion of Algebra 1 is mandatory for admission into the Apprenticeship Program. If your high school education was obtained by GED certification, provide a copy of your GED certification along with transcripts mentioned above.

e. Reside in the jurisdictional area of State of Mississippi counties: Jefferson Davis, Marion, Lamar, Forrest, Perry, Greene, Pearl River, Stone, George, Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson.

f. If you have had prior military service, provide a certified copy of your DD-214 (Military Discharge).

g. Applicants must have internet access, or have a way to access the internet from home, library, etc.

h. Pay the nonrefundable $25.00 Processing Fee. Note: Application will be deemed incomplete until the fee is paid.

After completing the above steps, you will be contacted by mail concerning the time and date of the Aptitude Test. A score of 4 or better on the Aptitude Test is a requirement to be interviewed for possible selection for the Apprenticeship Program. The Aptitude Test consists of questions on algebra and reading comprehension; no prior electrical knowledge is necessary.

After taking the Aptitude Test, you will again be notified by mail concerning your score and the time, date, and place of an interview for possible selection – provided you scored a 4 or better on the test.

After the interview, you will be notified by mail of your Interview Score and when you can expect further communication concerning your application. Although, occasionally there is a temporary work assignments available for applicants who have completed the Interview process, this is not the norm. Should these opportunities become available, applicants will be contacted based on their Interview Score starting at the highest and offered these temporary assignments. Such employment will not increase your chances of being selected for the Training Program where selection is based on the ranking of applicants according to their Interview Scores.

All applicants selected for opportunity to enter the Apprenticeship Program must pass a drug screen and give a physician’s statement indicating the ability to perform electrical construction.


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