Resources: Union Links

Links to other organized labor-related sites of potential interest to the IBEW Union membership.

National Electrical Contractors Association:

National Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee:

National Labor Relations Board:

The Union Label & Trade Services Dept/AFL-CIO:

Envision Pharmaceutical Services:

IE Shaffer & Company:

Union Sportsmen’s Alliance:

Links to our internationally-based parent organization, The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, as well as important chapters of our sister labor organization, the AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations).

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers:

The National AFL-CIO:

The Mississippi State AFL-CIO:

Links to IBEW Local Unions in the Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama areas:

IBEW Local Union 130 – New Orleans:

IBEW Local Union 194 – Shreveport:

IBEW Local Union 443 – Montgomery, AL:

IBEW Local Union 480 – Jackson:

IBEW Local Union 558 – North Alabama:

Links to politically-oriented sites of potential interest to the IBEW Union membership:

The White House:

The United States Senate:

The United States House of Representatives:

U.S. Department Of Labor:

The Mississippi State Legislature: